Online Learning during Coronavirus!


May 24, 2020

Although COVID-19 has created a lot of problems around the world, it has provided a great opportunity for people to enhance their knowledge, skills, and advance their careers.
You decide! you can criticize the situation or you can use this situation to get your goals? Have you ever decided to start a new business but you did not have enough time.

This is the right time!
There are various online resources where you can learn new skills.
Here are some excellent online resources for high demanding skills such as learning data science, Machine learning, AI, …

edx and Coursera are two great online learning websites where you can find various courses from top professors in the world!

You can audit the courses for free or take a certificate. If you cannot afford the certification fee, you are welcome to apply for financial aid! it is very easy! just you need to fill the financial aid application form and tell them why you need the certificate and why you cannot pay for it. By answering these questions, you will probably be accepted for financial aid.

We will update the list soon.

Good luck!