Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Our team of scientists provide advanced Intelligence Solutions for your business. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, we improve customer experience and increase productivity in an innovative and effective way.

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We offer

Predictive Modeling

Our Predictive Models provide accurate predictions that enables companies to make more effective business decisions and deliver better customer services.

Business Decision-making Solutions

Thanks to Machine Learning and AI-powered solutions, we can analyze large datasets faster and more accurately and therefore accelerate the decision-making processes in your company.

Chat Bots

We automate and improve your customer service through our powerful AI-powered chat bots which delivering contextual and personalized customer conversations.

Artificial Design Intelligence

Using our AI-based solutions, we can design and optimize customized websites, create more engaging and responsive interfaces based on the project needs, business activity, or personal preferences.

How does AI/ML development process look like on Afracode?

Data Acquisition

With analyzing your business needs, we will determine whether your business really need an AI solution and if it does, we will find out the best AI model which suits your business. Our AI scientists will conduct research to specify how we can resolve the current issues and improve your company's performance.


Data Preparation

After data acquisition we start to work on data transformation to use it with AI algorithms. AI can study information, learn from it, make decisions and act based on its experience.


Hypothesis Testing and Modeling

We will train and test data to discover which type of machine learning model will work the best for your business.


Evaluation & Interpretation

In this phase, the most efficient machine learning algorithm and AI model will be chosen which fit your business needs.



We integrate the chosen AI model to your business.



In the final step, we check the machine learning model and improve it as needed.


In which area, Machine Learning can be benefitial to your business?

Some of the areas in which ML can be applicable are listed below:

Meet the director of AI/ML at Afracode

A Knowlegeble manager is essential for the success of a team

Elham Sharifineyestani AI Department Manager

Elham is a data scientist with Ph.D. in Engineering and over 8 yeras of work experience. She is highly skilled in data analysis, machine-learning, and predictive analytics. Besides of her profesional experience in programming, she loves digital marketing and is launching her own business as an entrepreneur.

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