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It is the symbol of Changes as it produces different shades of leave colors during the autumn season. Afra tells you big changes are on the way!

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The Empathise Stage

First, we need to understand the challenges we are facing with. With analyzing and interacting with each other, our experts find out all the concerns. This helps us to realize which goal we should achieve.

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Defining the problem

After researching and gathering the required information, we identify the main problem. At this stage, you as the owner of the project, are required to share your views and needs with us. This will help us to always be close to the project's goal. Also, it will assist our designers to achieve the best features and functions for solving the issue and boosting your business.

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The Ideation Phase

At this stage, we find the best solutions to the identified problems. With analyzing the market as well as the weakness and strength of competitors, we identify the target audience needs. This will help us to reduce the likelihood of failure in the future and make the design as successful as possible.

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Prototype Design

After identifying the visual aspects of the project, we turn to the technical part of the design. At this stage, we will involve our development team in the project and find out the most efficient ways for implementing the design in the project. This means that in addition to creating the design, we provide the best way to perform it into the real.

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The Testing Stage

The development process will be started as soon as all designs are approved. From the beginning, the necessary tests are performed to make sure that the product meets all the criteria and requirements. Before launching, we will perform another test to make sure that the end user will have a pleasant experience using your product.

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