Our Story

Afracode is an online-based tech company that provides a range of services including design creation, branding, web development, mobile app development, and ML/AI solutions. We promise big and effective changes in your business. Afra is the persian name of Maple tree. It is the symbol of Changes as it produces different shades of leave colors during the autumn season. Afra tells you big changes are on the way!

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Who we are?

We are your easiest solution ever.

Innovation inspired

We hold a hand on a pulse of the newest development tendencies in the digital world. At our disposal, we have various up to date tools to stay on top and provide our customers with the most innovative solutions.

Open minded

We are the team of out of box thinkers. We are searching for challenging ideas to show how to make the impossible become possible and even real.

Client and result oriented

We always value your ideas and your business needs. Explore your ideas in the most innovative way and implement it as your best business practice. Your success is the best reward for us.

Technology focused

High tech tools and new technologies are the synonyms to successful business processes. We believe that providing innovative technologies to your business make your service unique, competitive and profitable.

We offer


We create delightful design and branding – intuitive, simple, unique. We will mold your ideal into design aimed to inspire and grow your business

Web development

We know different ways how to make your project perform in today’s competitive marketplace. Our team pursue the highest quality of back-end as well as front-end experience.

App development

Going mobile we will help your business to establish an application and bring value to the demanding modern customers. With our new approach in mobile app development we will help our clients succeed with a mobile strategy.


Have a project?

Let’s make it together!