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Transform your idea into a secure & feature-rich mobile app with our global mobile app development services. We build native and cross-platform apps with advanced IoT, AR/VR, and AI features.


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We're your top choice for custom Android & iOS development, leveraging innovative tech for business success. Efficient, affordable, and high-quality services that boost your revenue. Email us to kickstart your project today!


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Afracode's Diverse Partnership Methods

Discover unparalleled expertise in offshore mobile app development with our comprehensive services. Entrust your mobile app development requirements to us, and we guarantee not only superior quality but also timely delivery:

Dedicated Mobile App Team

Rely on our seasoned experts to spearhead both simple and intricate mobile app development projects. Our adept team is committed to delivering cutting-edge technology solutions that add significant value to your business.

Team Augmentation

Ideal for flexible, skilled team augmentation in dynamic projects.

Elevate your in-house capabilities by integrating our skilled developers, creating a harmonious blend of quality development and cost efficiency. Unleash the full potential of your team with our strategic staff augmentation services.

Project Based

Ideal for dynamic projects; pay for flexibility and optimal benefits.

Efficiently and cost-effectively complete your projects by outsourcing our expert team. With a proven track record of success in mobile app projects, we assure you swift and effective project completion.

Hire Your Exclusive Mobile App Development Team

Enlist Afracode's Exclusive Mobile App Development Team Embark on the journey of creating and introducing top-tier mobile applications with the support of Afracode's proficient app development team. Our cadre comprises committed and seasoned developers, proficient in crafting unparalleled mobile apps tailored for both Android and iOS platforms.


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Years Experience


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Expert Team

5+ years of average experience.

Dedicated Supervision

A technical lead oversees your project

Tailored Talents

Developers aligned with your project needs.

No Setup Fees

Pay only for the work done.

Data Protection

Stringent non-disclosure agreement.

Flexible Engagement

Full-time or hourly basis.

Prompt Results

Consistent early delivery guaranteed.

Complete Transparency

Every step of the process.

Additional Expertise

Access to a diverse skill set for comprehensive

Strategically Addressing Business Challenges

Afracode empowers CTOs, CMOs, and agencies to successfully navigate their business challenges. Our dedicated team ensures the seamless resolution of our clients' day-to-day obstacles through innovative solutions and skilled manpower.


Safeguard your projects from missed deadlines with Afracode’s adept support. Our dedicated team aids in scaling up your workforce, resolving communication challenges, and ensuring on-time project completion, regardless of complexity. Bid farewell to communication hurdles, welcome swift turnarounds with risk-free guarantees, and enjoy built-in control and accountability. Afracode is your trusted partner for efficient and successful project execution.


Elevate your market presence with Afracode’s innovative approach to integrated creative software teams. Whether you have an existing in-house team or are starting from scratch, achieving meaningful impact requires a strategic fusion of SEM, SEO, analytics, content management, and marketing automation. We bring a wealth of marketing skills to the table, helping you optimize, construct, and seamlessly integrate a variety of marketing systems. 


Turbocharge your agency’s growth and profitability with Afracode’s on-demand remote software experts. Our dedicated team provides the flexibility for both small and large agencies to outsource software projects as needed. We specialize in connecting you with reliable partners, ensuring profitability during expansion, and seamlessly meeting your clients’ diverse digital needs.

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Projects Launched


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Elevating Innovation with Afracode

Harness the Power of Our Mobile App Development Services.

Mobile Platforms

iOS, Android, Cross-platform (React Native, Flutter)

App Frameworks

Swift, Kotlin, Xamarin, Flutter

Emerging Technologies

Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Machine Learning (ML)

Afracode's Approach to Bringing Your Mobile App Vision to Life

Portfolio and Experience

Demonstrating a proven track record of delivering successful projects, we showcase a diverse portfolio of work and bring relevant industry experience to every collaboration.

Top IT Talents

Engage with the top 1% of mobile application developers. Our industry-certified talents are fully equipped to deliver your project on time and within budget.

Future-proof Applications

Crafted with foresight, all our mobile apps are designed to be future-proof, ensuring easy updates and expansions as your business grows.

Operational Agility

Align your business and IT strategies with an effective mobile app strategy that enables you to respond quickly to market changes.

Quality Assurance

Undergo a rigorous quality assurance process that ensures the final product meets or exceeds expectations.

Faster Time-to-Market

Take advantage of our experience and expertise in building mobile apps to get your app to market quickly and efficiently.

Ready-Made Mobile Applications

Leveraging extensive experience in understanding customer requirements, Afracode has crafted pre-developed software solutions that serve as comprehensive options for certain businesses. These ready-made applications provide a cost-effective alternative for those not yet prepared to invest in a customized solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you choose Afracode for the design and development of your mobile application?

Afracode stands out for its innovative approach, experienced team, and a track record of delivering cutting-edge mobile applications tailored to clients' unique visions. We prioritize user-centric design, seamless functionality, and staying abreast of the latest industry trends.

What expertise does Afracode's mobile development team possess?

Our mobile development team comprises top-tier professionals with expertise in diverse platforms, frameworks, and emerging technologies. From iOS and Android to cross-platform solutions like React Native and Flutter, we ensure a comprehensive skill set to address your mobile app development needs.

What types of mobile applications can Afracode develop?

Afracode excels in crafting a wide range of mobile applications, including but not limited to native applications for iOS and Android, cross-platform applications for enhanced reach, and applications incorporating emerging technologies such as AR, VR, and ML.

What is the cost associated with creating a mobile app with Afracode?

The cost of developing a mobile app with Afracode depends on various factors such as complexity, features, and specific requirements. We tailor our pricing to align with your project's unique needs, ensuring a transparent and cost-effective development process.

Can I preview my mobile app during the development phase?

Yes, Afracode believes in transparency and collaboration. We provide regular updates and previews during the development phase, allowing you to track progress, provide feedback, and ensure the app aligns with your expectations.

Can I look at my website while it is in the developmental phase?

Absolutely! We encourage you to review your website during the development phase. We build your web application on our development server and provide you with login credentials. This allows you to log in and easily monitor the ongoing progress of your website.

What sets Afracode's mobile app development team apart from the competition?

Afracode's mobile app development team distinguishes itself through a combination of expertise, dedication, and a client-centric approach. We prioritize client satisfaction, adhere to industry best practices, and leverage the latest technologies to deliver exceptional mobile applications that stand out in the market.

Do you still have any question on your mind?

Feel free to engage in a discussion with our experts. We're here to help!


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